Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long awaited update...

Been lazy on updating the blog... Have no clue.. I guess no inspiration???? Plus, I'm helping my mum with her club's blog... Do check it out.. :) 


Remember my wisdom tooth?? Extracted 2 of them already.. The bottom two... I don't think I'll extract the top 2 for the mean time.. Not causing any problem anyway.. 

So... I'm gonna TRY to explain the experience in a scientific way... Here goes.. 

The reason why I need to have the surgery done is because both bottom wisdom tooths were impacted... Thus, infection occurs due to the trapped food particles in the jaw area behind the wisdom tooth where regular brushing and flossing is difficult and ineffective... Plus, the wisdom tooth caused crowding of the teeth which is the result of not having enough space on the jaw or in the mouth... 

The first extraction wasn't that bad... Anesthetic was given.. 3 times.. The dentist let it set for a while and we talked about politics... Then I started to talk really funny.. Sounded funny.. And I can't feel my tongue.. 

So she started the surgery... She asked her assistant to take something which is called an elevator.. And I'm like what?? The name itself is scary... The elevator is actually used to loosen the tooth or the roots of the tooth for extraction... It's not painful actually.. I just felt the pressure against the other tooth on the jaw... 

Dental elevator

It took a while for her to extract the tooth.. Throughout the whole time.. I was saying D-E-L-I-G-H-T.. Which was the name of the dental light.. Then out comes the tooth... Can really see that it's decay on the inside.. And I get to bring it home!! OOORARA!! Dr. Noraini didn't sew the wound.. Instead, she inserted some sponge and fibre tingee into the hole.. It's a big hole mind you..

See the decay??? This pic was taken after the 2nd extraction.. SO, its all black... 

Went back home and sleep the whole day... Felt weak... And can't really eat.. Felt weird to chew because the gauze is still inside (to apply pressure to the wound).. Anyways, had soup for dinner and went back to sleep... 

The next extraction was after I came back from KL.. 

Made quite a huge mistake for not having a heavy breakfast before the surgery.. When she injected the anesthetics, I felt dizzy... I thought the double vision only exist in the movies... It was REAL!! Its like looking at two things when in actual fact, there's only one... Dr. Noraini got me to drink a cup of tea with lots of sugar in it... Pretty sweet!! 

Then she began the surgery.. 

Since the 2nd wisdom tooth did not experience any decay, it was bigger.. So she had to use the high speed drill... She had to cut the crown a bit in order to push up the tooth for extraction... It was BLOODY SCARY!! Like for real.. 

High Speed Dental Drill

Her assistant was holding the dental suction.. And when I look at it, the tube was filled with blood.. Thank God I'm not scared of blood and all.. I could have fainted.. But it was so cool to see... Anyways, there were 3 things in my mouth.. The dental suction, the elevator and the high speed drill... 

It took her a longer time to extract the tooth compared to the 1st wisdom tooth.. She even told her assistant to get a bigger high speed drill.. It's pretty scary to sit there and listen to all the drilling and the names of the utensils used...

When she took out the tooth, I'm like WOAH! THAT'S HUGE!! And the battle is over.. Phew!!

This is the 2nd wisdom tooth.. See the slanted crown?? 

This time, it was harder for me to recover... The wound was bigger and it was more painful... 

There you go... :)

Each extraction cost RM850.. So, altogether my mama paid RM 1700... The next dental appointment, BRACES!! The dentist said she gave my mama a special price which was RM10,500... The normal price was RM12,500... All at Dental Profile.. :)


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  1. Ouch! I know how painful wisdom extraction is as I have experienced that too, almost 2 years ago. Anyway, don’t you worry because wounds heal. It just takes time and you’ll have to rest. At least now, you’re free from toothaches! No pain, no gain! =)

    -Carmella Eaglin